What Are You Doing About Your High Blood Pressure?

By Christian Goodman

You are considered hypertensive when your blood pressure is above 120/80. Hypertension is called blood pressure in the world of medical. Genes play a major role in high blood pressure. Apart from that there are other factors that contribute to high blood pressure.

You should know what hypertension really is in order to understand high blood pressure or hypertension. What is actually measured when your blood pressure is taken is the amount of pressure your blood is applying on the walls of the blood vessels. When the number is high then it automatically mean more blood is forced against those walls.

What happens when a balloon is filled with water? When more water is stuffed into the balloon, it stretches the maximum out to fill in till certain point. When it gets to the maximum point the balloon starts thinning. And it will break when you put more water into it.

If you allow your blood pressure to get high and remain there unchecked, your vessels will suffer the same fate as the overfilled balloon. They can and will eventually burst. The location of the burst vessel determines the severity of the results. If it's a brain vessel, you can have a stroke. If it's a vessel that feeds blood to the heart, you can have a heart attack or suffer complete heart failure.

'Silent killer' is what high blood pressure is often referred as. One day you feel fine and you don't feel any symptomsthen the pressure becomes so great that it causes a life-threatening episode.

The top number of blood pressure is called systolic pressure, which measures the pressure within the blood vessels as it pumps the blood out. The bottom number is called diastolic pressure. It measures the blood pressure when your heart is at rest and in between beats.

Of the two numbers, the bottom number is often seen as more critical. If your diastolic pressure is over the ideal number of 80, this means that extreme pressure is being exerted on your vessels, even when your heart is at rest. With high blood pressure, the spurting force of the blood as it leaves the heart the next time could be the one that proves to be too much.

What are the best ways to reduce your blood pressure. If you are overweight then it's suggested to lose weight. If you are very stressed then you can avoid stress. Stop smoking. And if you are idle for most of the time then exercise a lot.

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