How Does Isolated Systolic High Blood Pressure Affect Health?

By Christian Goodman

Blood pressure concerns are completely understandable. I suffered from high blood pressure myself and now spend my time researching this problem as well as many other health conditions.

140 over 90 is usually considered high blood pressure. A person measuring from 120 over 80 to 139 over 89 is generally considered to fall into a pre hypertensive category. The top number is called the systolic pressure.

Why do these numbers matter? With age, tends to come high blood pressure. It is estimated that at least two thirds of people age 65 and over live with high blood pressure. Some believe the age range may actually start at closer to 50.

If high blood pressure is not addressed, it continues to strain the heart leading to a number of problems such as atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. Heart attack or stroke can then follow.

Other organs can be affected as well such as the kidneys.

Isolated systolic high blood pressure typically describes a situation in which the systolic reading is measuring high where the diastolic may not be. The systolic reading measures the force of blood thorugh the arteries while the heart beats.

Since the diastolic pressure actually decreases as we age, the systolic pressure has particular importance. Note however, that both measurements are important to properly diagnose the presence of high blood pressure.

To confirm whether or not you fall into the high blood pressure arena, you should have it checked (and probably re-checked by your doctor.)

Feeling badly is not always an indicator of high blood pressure. The name "silent killer" is attributed to hypertension as many people do not even know they have been suffering from the disease until a heart attack or stroke occurs.

One concern for many people when it comes to checking their blood pressure with a doctor is the likelihood of prescribed medications or rather the side effects that accompany those medications. This concern should also be shared with your doctor.

Of course, sharing this concern may not change the course of action recommended by Western medical professionals.

However, some doctors are worried that the patient may not make certain life changes (such as avoiding alcohol, discontinue smoking, follow exercise and breathing programs.) Therefore, drugs tend to be the only solution.

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