Gout And It's Associated Risks

By Christian Goodman

They will be discussing about his big toe and they also say that he couldn't even tolerate the weight of a paper on top of it. I remember a conversation which i heard during my childhood among my family members and their friends.

I was very confused and afraid even to think how much this disease will hurt. Frankly I did not understand even a single part of that disease.

The first place the gout forms will be in joint below the big toe. This is known as rich man medical condition. Gout is a kind of arthritis that appears all of a sudden.

Gout's symptoms are as follows red, tender, swollen and hot joints, ligaments and tendons of the toes, feet, hands, ankles and knees. Gout gives pain continuously for many hours, sometime even up to 24 hours.

Generally, people who are attacked by gout will be in pain for many days and in some cases the pain will for many weeks. After the first attack, it will follow up it with more regular attacks, with more pain and this time on more joints.

Gout is a result of having too much uric acid in the blood. Sharp crystals build up in the joints, ligaments and/or tendons, which result in the above mentioned symptoms. In some cases, too little uric acid can cause the same symptoms.

Men typically report symptoms of gout more often than women and tend to suffer attacks of gout at a younger age. Women tend to report the condition with much greater frequency after menopause.

What puts one at risk for gout? Sometimes (less than 15%) of cases are due to lifestyle. Alcohol consumption can impair the kidney's ability to remove excess uric acid. Additionally, eating organ meat (especially red meat) and seafood can contribute to higher levels of uric acid.

Gout can also be brought on by other medical conditions, the main one being high blood pressure, or hypertension. Atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries) and hyperlipidemia (high amounts of fat and cholesterol in the blood) and diabetes can also contribute to gout.

Alternatively obesity also contributes to high blood pressure and diabetes. Gout is also a result of obesity and sedentary lifestyle.

Medicines are advised when the first attack happens, there also medicines to prevent the following attack. But if a person is not willing to take medicines due to the side effects then changing the lifestyle is the best thing to do.

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