Cure Panic Attacks With This 1 Simple Technique

By Marie Cooper

Many people today are victims of panic and anxiety attacks, but they suffer from it without telling anybody. Throughout their life, they try all ways and means to avoid situations that might potentially trigger their panic attack. These situations can range from mundane activities like meetings, public speaking, socializing, driving, going out to crowded places, etc.

What actually causes panic attacks? It is actually caused when adrenaline is being released into your system, and is triggered by the 'fear signals' that is being transmitted to your adrenaline glands, making your brain believe there is a dangerous situation ahead.

When it happens, your heart will pump out blood at a quicker rate. While this same increase in blood flow is what makes athletes run jump or swim faster, to some people it can be an extremely paralyzing feeling. This becomes panic attacks to some people, and as long as their brain continues pumping adrenaline, they cannot function normally.

So what are the ways to cure a panic attack, you may be asking? There are 4 easy steps that you can take to stop your panic attack before it renders you unable to function.

1) Breathe deeply and try to relax You first need to take deep slow breaths. Do so to calm yourself down and keep breathing slowly and steadily. This will cause your body to relax, which is the first step to stopping the production of adrenaline in your body.

2) Quit thinking negative things Whenever you focus on negative things, your mind will try to justify the situation as such. You should stop thinking of negative thoughts by doing something that will interrupt your pattern. Shout 'STOP' in your mind, or even do it loud if your situation allows it. This stops yourself from going into a self-made panic attack.

3) Use empowering statements Remember, the next time you find yourself getting a panic attack, instead of thinking negatively, try to think positive thoughts. Tell yourself it's just another panic attack, and will be gone very soon, and you will feel empowered.

Following these 3 simple steps will teach you how to cure your panic attacks naturally and quickly. Just remember this the next time you feel a panic attack is impending, and you will see its effectiveness. - 31820

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