The Link Between Hypertension and Depression

By Christian Goodman

Recently he asked about depression treatment and Someone who purchased the High Blood Pressure Program and jokingly asked if he could be depressed from it.

Many researcher say there is link between two. Hypertension leading to depression as well as depression leading to high blood pressure.

First, we'll look at depression as the initial problem. Research shows that people who suffer long term depression are two to three times as likely to also develop hypertension.

A depressed person will tend to have poor eating habit and will be mostly smoking and drinking. And that can lead to high blood pressure. Moreover, those suffering from depression will not stay on regular treatment of high blood pressure.

Interestingly though, is that the study also involved people who did not engage in poor habits, yet they also suffered from hypertension.

There could be changes in the hormones in a person who suffers from depression for an extended period of time which could increase blood pressure.

Medicines that a person has for depression can also lead to long term increase in blood pressure.

Based on these factors, there is a link between depression and high blood pressure.

Depression resulting with high blood pressure:

Mostly the due to the medication that we take for high blood pressure people tend to get depressed as a common side effect.

Here again, we see that in the effort to solve one issue, another is created.

And although the person who asked about depression was half joking, there is not doubt anxiety that goes along with knowing the hypertensive condition exists.

Given that stress is a consistent theme in so many physical problems, there is little wonder that both high blood pressure and depression can result.

Things that helps to lower the high blood pressure:

Just after a drink blood pressure can increase for some. Therefore, it's better to avoid drinking.

Don't smoke. Cigarette smoking as we all know contributes to a number of problems including high blood pressure.

Eat properly. The body requires good nutrition to function well. This can also assist with weight control.

My programs really work well in controlling blood pressure. They are natural High Blood Pressure Program and Weight Loss Breeze Program.

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