High Blood Pressure and Depression, Is There Connection?

By Christian Goodman

A client in a joking manner asked if there is any relation between high blood pressure and depression in an e-mail.

Yes, both are linked. Hypertension wi9ll lead to depression and depression will lead to hypertension as well.

If a person is suffering from depression then he has three times more probable of developing hypertension than the person who don't suffer depression.

The worst thing about depression is people with depression tend to over eat, smoke and drink too much. And they are less likely to take treatment too.

But as strange as it may seem. Even people suffering depression that lived otherwise healthy live, also were more likely to suffer high blood pressure.

Therefore, researchers have concluded that change in hormones due to anxiety and depression can be a huge factor in causing high blood pressure.

Another factor are medications taken for depression which can have high blood pressure as side effects.

Results from research shows that there is link between depression and high blood pressure.

Let's see what makes hypertension to cause depression.

High blood pressure can cause depression because the medication taken for hypertension will cause depression as side effect.

Once again, we see that in order to solve a problem we create a new problem.

Although the person initially was kind of joking, it's no question he was right assuming there may be a connection between the two conditions.

And the major cause for all these problems is stress. There is no wonder hypertension and depression can therefore also be caused by stress.

Practices that can help high blood pressure regardless of the cause:

Excess drinking is a cause. some people see a spike in blood pressure after just a drink or two, and in those cases drinking is not recommended at all.

Smoking create many problems including increased blood pressure. So do not smoke.

Eat as healthy as possible. Raw vegetables and fruits should be the first on your list.

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