Link Between High Blood Pressure And Food

By Christian Goodman

By providing your body with the ingredients needed to help itself back to health, you are helping yourself regain health without modern medication. Not all medications are bad, however most carry a list of side effects that are sometimes worse than the disease it treats. My goal in my life and in my career is to help people cure themselves with natural methods.

The side effects that is the outcome of blood pressure medicines are headaches, dizziness, nausea, joint pain, fatigue and sexual dysfunction. Sometimes it can lead to dangerous problems like stroke and heart attack. Blood pressure medicines are quickly prescribed by the doctors. And it is easy to take. But it can lead to surprising problems too.

please discuss any problems that you're having with the medications first. If you are currently taking blood pressure medicines please be sure to consult with the doctor about it's side effects. And choose to discontinue it, even if you are experiencing any of the above side effects.

You can control your high blood pressure by selecting healthy food to eat. The easiest and the best way to reduce your high blood pressure is to restructure your diet plan. Below is the detailed list popular food option that control blood pressure.

Celery does also have negative caloric effect, it means it takes more calories to digest than it contains. Celery tops the list of healthy food as it is a natural diuretic. You can eat it fresh or can mix it with carrots to get some juice.

Another great food item to add to your diet is papaya. Some naturopaths recommend eating papaya daily on an empty stomach for a month and see how much it lowers your blood pressure. Eat it alone and avoid eating anything else for at least two hours afterward.

Garlic can sure pack a punch. You can garlic in natural form or can cook it with your meal. Even there witnesses they say it has reduced the blood pressure within minutes after eating. The fastest acting blood pressure reducing food is garlic.

Try to reduce the intake of fat, sugar, and red meat you eat every day. This can lower your cholesterol as well as reduce you blood pressure. This is if you are not interested in Papaya or garlic.

DASH eating plan method helps those suffering from high blood pressure as well as being beneficial to people who had pre-hypertension by lowering their blood pressure. It is to overhaul your meal plan. It provides a specific diet plan and serving recommendations to guide you to making the right food choices.

DASH is a overall well organized eating plan. It consists of food from whole grains, raw vegetables, fruits and non-fat or low fat dairy products. Fats and oils are allowed but in limited quantities.

You can help your body to heal itself by reducing the amount of stress you have in your daily life. But changing your diet is the main way to reduce your blood pressure. Stress is considered to be a major factor of high blood pressure. By reducing stress, one can also reduce the high blood pressure.

I no more address stress in my Hypertension program. By reducing stress, you can maintain or even lower your blood pressure. To let this program work at its best, combine the stress-free methods with a healthy diet and exercise to help your body lower its blood pressure naturally and effectively.

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