Is It Possible To Heal Hypertension?

By Chrisitan Goodman

Over and over again I receive emails from people who have tried everything to lower their - up to 210/140 high - blood pressure. They've been on medications for years and take every supplements known to man.

I also came to know that their parents, grandparents and also their aunts and uncles had suffered from soaring blood pressure. So, it is present in their genes, right?

Time and again,their question is very much the same....

"How could this program possible help me in such an impossible situation?".

As this is a frequent question, I have decided to explain it here on this blog.

The reasons for hypertension may be bad modern day diets or genetic factors. But emotions and thinking pattern plays a bigger part.

Everyday for 24 hours we are reacting to stimulation around us. We don't sleep for at least 16 hours and we are constantly under some kind of internal or external pressure. Our body is not fit enough to deal with these types of stimulation as this technological world is very new in existence.

We do not realize how irresistible this constant stimulation is as we are very much used to it.

Here is an example from the simple world where I have grown.

When I was a young boy, my father and mother lived in the city but had a farm in the country side. My grandmother took care of the farm.

The entire summers I loved to spend on the farm. And above everything else I loved the horses.

In the farm we could ride for a long period without requiring to cross a road. There are only a few tractors present and we did had a few cars but were far between.

When we had youngsters, we began training them in the summer when they were four years old. We took it slowly and most often they were very calm and easy to handle. It wasn't till second or third year in training that we brought them to the stable in the city in the winter time.

Now here comes the important part...

These young horses were very frightened when they faced the city they saw fast cars all over, screaming people and big houses. The stimulation was overwhelming for them even in the quiet stable area. When we took them for riding they would either froze or run off or just shook all over.

How did we help them in overcoming this ?

First of all, we always took them out with an older horse who was relaxed and wasn't affected by all the static. This gave the youngster confident that everything was all right.

But even more important...

After feeding them with hays, and when everything was quiet we spent hours brushing and combing them in the evenings. We saw that we were making progress when the youngster enjoyed his treatment that he would close his eyes and even stopped eating even if the hay was in front of him.

Soon, the traffic and static didn't seem to bother the youngster as much. He had his focused brake in the evening and that gave his nerve system enough soothing so he could deal with the difficult tasks during the day. The tension in their back disappeared and you could feel them relax.

Nowadays it is much different. The horses are more used to the fast world. Even if they come straight from the countryside. But they still benefit a lot from getting their long quiet brushing in the evening. And I think I benefit just as much from them.

Just like the youngsters in training, we don't just have to deal with the fast world around us. We need to deal with difficult people and difficult tasks every day. This puts our nerve system in the high gear and keeps it tense from morning to night time.

Yet if the environment around us is quiet and there are no external stimulation for a brief period, our brain would not be relaxed. It continues to spin with all the worries and tension we are facing or even resentment about something like "somebody did to us" during the day.The system is not relaxed and is in high gear. So, our blood pressure becomes worse than ever.

Unless we sleep the brain keeps on spinning.

Some of us may be more genetically open for hypertension, our diet may also temporarily flair up our blood pressure. But nothing is on us like our own emotions and mind. Nothing actively bugs us from morning to night like our own head.

Meditation has been shown to be somewhat effective for hypertension. But I don't know many people who have the discipline to sit and quiet their mind for 30-60 minutes a day. The mind often begins spinning with more force than ever.

There is totally no efforts required for my focused break exercises. All you need to do is to follow the direction on the audio. The second exercise is little bit like the feeling in the stable when we groom the horses when everything is quiet. The first exercise is more like a technique which I learned from one of the famous horse whisperer, who is still alive.

The bottom line is, everyone can follow these exercises immediately and begin benefiting very quickly. There is nothing to learn and no skills to practice. It works if you work it no matter how bad your situation may look.

And the most excellent element is , it gives you a moment off from the world. A moment where there is now pressures and worries. That's what I love about it. So have a good time. - 31820

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