Is Salt Killing You? What Does Salt Do To Your Blood Pressure Levels?

By Doctor Gordon Cameron

Too much salt is a major cause of blood pressure problems for many people. The high concentrations of sodium in many of the foods we eat today results in blood pressure readings that creep upwards - causing strokes and heart attacks.

Blood pressure is measured using a cuff and a manual or an electronic machine. If you take a reading before and then after a salty meal you'll be amazed and horrified at the different readings you get. The difference is even more marked after a period of keeping your diet low in salt levels.

The problem is aggravated for those who are highly sensitised to the presence of salt in food. This is called sodium sensitivity - and if you are unlucky enough to have it then your risk of heart attack or early death due to MI or stroke will be much higher than for other people your age.

How can you figure this out for yourself?

This is what to do if you want to check yourself out. Home machines to check blood pressure are available to by online or locally nowadays. Don't spend too much. A basic one will do the job just fine. Take a day or two to get to grips with it and start a book or chart of your readings. Once you get the hang of it then start this diet change for a week

The eating plan is not complicated. You want to cut salt out of your diet almost completely. Consume only fruit or fruit smoothies or yogurt for seven days. Nothing else. Drink water or tea or coffee. That should ensure almost zero salt. Check your BP readings - what happens?

Final stage. Sit down to a big meal with plenty salt in the food and then add a bit more for good measure. If your blood pressure rises quickly then you've just confirmed the issue. Try to avoid or dramatically reduce salt in future. - 31820

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Is Active Young Adults Prone To High Blood Pressure

By Christian Goodman

This has been published in recent article on NPR. Many health experts suggest that children especially who are sports men are affected by heart disease.

Studies have shown that one in 100,000 young adults, ages 12 to 24, may die suddenly and unexpectedly from heart failure or disease. These deaths are attributed to undiagnosed congenital heart malfunctions as well as far more identifiable causes such as high blood pressure resulting in heart attack. Ironically, those who play sports are actually three times more likely to die from sudden cardiac failure than those who do not.

Why Active kids alone?

But most of the people think that children who are less active are at greater risk. According to Houston cardiologist, Thomas Debauche, the children who are not so active have less risk of death. When a young adult is on a track, or gym, etc he strains his heart more that results in the flowing of adrenalin. This is the main cause for heart failures in young age.

Even though the children who are less active has less risk for life, they should be active which is the healthiest way to avoid medical problems. The main reason for heart failure during sports is the person might have an abnormal heart structure and they do not have enough body language to participate.

This was the case for one family in Connecticut. Their oldest son was a star cross country runner and the son of a cardiologist. His blood pressure had been intermittently high, but no further tests were run because he was very active and lived a very healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep, etc.) It was not until the high blood pressure began to affect his performance on the track and in the classroom that further tests were done, revealing a congenital heart defect (a coarctation of his aorta) that had gone undiagnosed for seventeen years. While the young man would have required the surgery he needed no matter when he had been diagnosed, he would have suffered for less time with weakness, fatigue, and chest pain if his higher blood pressures had been more closely examined.

Children do not know about their health whether they are normal or any problems are there. This is the right time for them to know about their personal information about their health. So it is the duty of the parents and physicians to check the health and heart conditions of the children to avoid certain deaths.

After screening 2,000 high school athletes with a routine EKG, cardiologist Dr. Debauche found that about 10% of those students had abnormal heart rhythms. Many of these students had to begin taking blood pressure medication and about 1% were advised to stop sports.

Symptoms that parents should watch out for

Children do not know exactly what is going on within them. So it is important to the parents not to ignore the child's fatigue, it may result in heart failure too. These are the symptoms for heart defect.

Always getting tired

Changes in vision

Headaches for log time

Huge amount of sweating

! Shortness of breath during routine activities

vomiting sensation

Some buzzing noise in ear

Some changes in heartbeat

! Chest pain


Bleeding in nose

The insidious thing about high blood pressure in children and athletes is that there many be no symptoms at all. It is for this reason that many doctors, even pediatricians, are recommending to get kids checked out.

The natural health care is a precaution if there are symptoms of high blood pressure in children. The natural and traditional health treatments and diets can be followed to have good health care.

The natural health controls can be a very opt way for children to have control over their health conditions

If you would like to know more about these exercises, check out our natural blood pressure program. This high blood pressure can be controlled by natural high blood pressure exercises that people can do to reduce blood pressure quickly and efficiently.

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Blood Pressure Treatment - Five Great Expert Tips To Lower Blood Pressure Readings

By Doctor Gordon Cameron

Don't let blood pressure treatment defeat you. It's always a hard task to deal with the problem of living with high BP but it's a task you can handle if you work at it in a logical way. Good BP control means that you need to look at your medications, at your food intake and food choices - and also, of course at your stress levels.

There are several different approaches to controlling blood pressure more effectively.

Well, taking a look at the way you live your life is a good first point of call. Science shows that if we alter our lifestyle we can make big changes to our BP levels. It's not difficult to achieve.

Diet is very important. About a third of those with high blood pressure are very sensitive to salt intake. Even in those who are not overly sensitive too it, added salt will increase blood pressure levels by about ten points on the scale. If you are salt sensitive then the difference is about three times that. Many people who take blood pressure tablets every day would be able to stop or reduce them if they reduced their salt intake.

High fat or low fat? Is it all just hype. Well, sadly the answer is no - you really do need to work hard to reduce the amount of fat you consume each day. High fat causes high blood pressure. It's a pretty black and white case really. If you get your fat intake under better control then you'll get your BP readings under control too.

Body weight is vital. You can expect a rise of ten points on the BP scale for every ten pounds of weight gain - and the opposite too of course if you reduce your weight. Losing twenty pounds in weight could see you back into the normal BP range very quickly. Now, lets face it, losing weight is never easy - but coping with the side effects of blood pressure medication is not easy either and I guess it's all a choice when push comes to shove.

Lastly - you should seriously consider taking herbal supplements as an extra tool in the fight against high blood pressure levels. Hawthorn berry, garlic, daikon seeds and more have all be shown in research studies to reduce the blood pressure in an effective and helpful way.

Don't delay any longer please .... make the changes you need to improve your health .... and start today! - 31820

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High Blood Pressure And Air Travel

By Christian Goodman

I was reading an online news article the other day about a certain well known director who was denied a seat on a plane because he was to big (according to the airline's restrictions) to take up only one seat and they were overbooked. He had to take another flight.

Even though he is not humiliated by the situation, he should have been embarrassed. He is very brilliant that he did not escalate the situation. He just took a pic of him in the next flight and posted it online.

Earlier, i have also posted many articles on air travel and vertigo. As I'm always fond of connecting health related issues, I started thinking about the issues that may affect a over weight person when he travels in air apart from self esteem.

What about high blood pressure? What ill health effects do people with high blood pressure, or hypertension, suffer and simply dismiss as side effects of travel?

If your blood pressure is controlled by medication, there is no conclusive proof that air travel affects the condition due to cabin air pressurization. The thing to consider is that air travel can be stressful, a known contributor to high blood pressure. Long wait lines, frequent delays and crowded flights, not to mention security concerns abound.

If you are unable to control your blood pressure with medicine or if you suffer serious side effects that many do, this is where the concern lies. Just like a person with asthma has to be prepared for an "event" when traveling, people at risk for heart attack or stroke have to consider that they won't be able to receive immediate care while flying.

Deep vein thrombosis or DVT (a clot which forms in the leg) can affect anyone who flies but those with high blood pressure are at a higher risk. In addition to being painful, if the clot breaks off and travels to the lungs, a pulmonary embolism can happen, making it a potentially fatal condition.

Swollen feet and ankles is one side effect that everyone, especially those fly long distances suffer. This is not generally a concern but can be exacerbated by those with high blood pressure. The blood pools in the legs due to not moving for extended periods of time.

You can walk around the cabin every 1 hour, stretching your calf, having plenty of water and minimizing the intake of alcohol. These things will facilitate free movement of blood.

If you are on medication for blood pressure then you should make sure that it should last for the whole trip. You should also remember that these days flight delays and cancellations are very common.

It is also advised that you should also meet your physician and discuss about any problems you might face. You need not afraid of doing all these things as there are only very limited individuals who were not cleared to fly. You should speak to airline heads if you are in need of oxygen.

I also highly recommend my all natural High Blood Pressure program. I guarantee its success. I hope it can help you as it's help so many thousands of my clients!

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Know About The Causes And Symptoms Of Hypertension

By Steven K. Conlan

Increase in blood pressure levels happen when the heart pumps blood into the body at abnormal rates causing strain on the artery walls. If the blood pressure level surpasses the 140 / 90 mg mark, it is clinically called hypertension. There are many medical and non medical factors which can induce this condition.

In medical issues, raised blood pressure is usually due to kidney issues. Sicknesses like glomerulonephritis, renal artery stenosis, persistent pyelonephritis, methodical sclerosis and diabetic neuropathy- which historically effect the kidney- may also cause high blood pressure. Endocrine diseases such as phaeochromocytoma, Conn's syndrome, acromegaly and Cushing's syndrome may also be in charge of inducing increased blood pressure. Hypertension may also be a bi-product of cardiovascular diseases such as coarctation.

Certain medications may also lead to elevated blood pressure including mineralocorticoids, sympathomimetic agents, glucocorticoids, tyramine, and monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

Coming to non medical factors, an insufficient diet could be the reason behind high blood pressure. Diets with a high sodium to potassium proportion are usually responsible for high blood pressure. Excessive intake of carbohydrates and fats is also be responsible for for the problem. If you are consuming metals like lead and cadmium in high quantities then too you could be suffering from elevated blood pressure.

Extreme levels of stress may also be the cause of high blood pressure. Folk who smoke are also at a higher risk of hypertension. Nicotine attributes to hypertension by triggering the adrenaline glands. Alcohol and OTT exercise can also be a cause of high blood pressure.

Symptoms of hypertension There are a few symptoms that may indicate a rise in the blood pressure. Nose bleeds without any clear reason might be one of them. If you suffer from nose bleeds on a consistent basis, you may be suffering from hyper stress.

If you experience frequent ringing of the ears or tinnitus, it could also indicate hypertension. It is critical to get a blood pressure check done in such cases.

Change in vision is another alarm that suggests presence of elevated blood pressure. Also, hypertension is frequently accompanied by headaches. A stress headache indicates the need to get your blood pressure checked.

Other signs of high blood pressure include throbbing and giddiness. Nervousness- a common symptom of hypertension might also cause raised blood pressure. Other signs include breathing problems, bloody pissing and chest pain.

therefore, if you notice, any of these evidence of blood pressure or hypertension, you must immediately get in contact with your health practitioner for appropriate treatment. The right treatment within a convincing period of time may seriously lower chances of further aggravation of the condition. - 31820

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Figuring Out Blood Pressure Charts

By Davis Whayne

Blood pressure is the force exerted by the blood circulation on the vein walls and BP is one of the four major urgent signs. Per heartbeat, blood pressure differs between the maximum ( called systolic ) and the minimum ( named diastolic ) pressures.Due to the pumping of the heart and the resistance of the blood vessels, the blood pressure decreases while the circulating blood was moving away of the heart all the way thru the arteries. It decreases greatly with the smaller arteries and the arterioles, continuing to decrease while the blood was moving throughout the capillaries back to heart all the way through the veins.

The BP is referred to the pressure being measured from someone through the higher arm. It is commonly measured from the bronchial artery that's the major vein which is carrying blood away of the heart. The BP is commonly recounted by the systolic and diastolic pressures like 110/70. The arterial pressure is usually measured trough a spectrophotometer that in history uses the height of the mercury reflecting to the circulating pressures. These days, blood pressure assessments are still detailed in mercury millimeters ( mmHg ) although the aneroid and electronic meters company not uses mercury.

BP varies among systolic and diastolic pressure for every beat of the heart. Systolic is at the top pressure of the arteries that occurs during the near end of a cardiac cycle in which the ventricles are in contraction. The diastolic pressure characterizes the minimum pressures on the arteries that occur in the beginning of the cardiac cycle in which the ventricles were full of blood. The average standard blood pressure of sound adult is 120/80mmHg that spoken as one-twenty over 80.

Raised blood pressure is the term used if the arterial pressure is abnormally high and the hypo tension makes reference to the pressure that is strangely low. BP side by side with breathing rate, body temperature, and heart beat rate assessments are the major measurements in the physical parameters. Arterial pressure measurements were non-invasive ; it was measured without the skin or arterial penetration. The pressure measure invasive is through the penetration of the arterial walls in in a position to take a measurement. This technique is less common and it is usually done at the surgery settings.

Hypo tension - it refers to a blood pressure that goes from less done ninety in systolic and less done sixty in diastolic. Ordinary - blood pressure levels which goes from 90 to 119 systolic and sixty to 79 diastolic.Hypertension - refers back to the BP which are ranging from 120 to 139 in systolic and eighty to 89 in diastolic. Stage one high blood pressure - blood pressure ranges from 140 to 159 in systolic and ninety to ninety nine in diastolic. Stage 2 high blood pressure - is a BP that ranges from 160 and above in systolic or 100 and above in diastolic.

There are several factors that could influence the variations and the average BP of a person. Factors concerning the age along with the sex can influence the average values. For kids, ordinary ranges were lower compared to the adults and the height also varies. Once the adult ages, systolic pressures will have a tendency to rise and the diastolic pressures tends to fall down. While in the elderly, the blood pressure tends to rise at the above standard range of an adult, typically because of the reducing adaptability with the arteries. - 31820

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Wonderful Methods To Reduce Your High Blood Pressure

By Ray Bonanza

Blood pressure is the force produced by your heart that pushes blood through the arteries and capillaries. It is the result of two forces. The first pressure is really a result of the blood pumping out of your heart and the second pressure is the heart at rest, between heart beats. The two pressures are represented by numbers called a blood pressure reading. It's written with two numbers as a ratio for example 117 over 76. The top or larger number is the systolic number. That number represents the arterial pressure when your heart beats. The bottom or smaller number is the diastolic number. That number represents the arterial pressure if the heart muscle is resting between beats and filling with blood. A normal pressure is less than 180 over 20. High blood pressure is a systolic reading among 140 and 159 and a diastolic reading among 90 and 99.

A single high reading does not necessarily mean you have high blood pressure but if it is elevated consistently, you doctor will need you to start a remedy program. High blood pressure increases the likely hood of damage for your blood vessels resulting in heart attack and heart disease, kidney failure, and stroke in case not addressed and treated.

When diagnosed with high blood pressure, your doctor will ask you to make some approach of life modifications. Several of those changes might include the following:

Restrict your intake of sodium. Not everyone is affected by sodium nonetheless it can trigger high blood pressure. Don't add salt to your food and examine food labels for sodium content. Additionally be aware that a few medications contain sodium. A healthy American with typical pressure ought to limit their intake to 2,300 mg per day. African Americans and older Americans with high pressure should restrict their sodium intake to 1,500 mg per day.

Alcohol and caffeine can certainly increase the risk of high blood pressure quite a bit. Should you drink alcohol limit it to no a lot more than 1 drink a day for women and 2 drinks per day for men. 1 drink is really a can certainly of beer, a glass of wine or 1 jigger (shot) of liquor. If you drink coffee, restrict your intake to 2 cups per day. High test coffee is permissible but decaffeinated coffee is best. The chemicals in alcohol are thought to trigger arteries to tighten and close, making it harder for the heart to pump blood correctly.

Get rid of smoking cigarettes. The Nicotine in the cigarettes and in other tobacco items are responsible for causing your blood vessels to constrict and your heart to beat faster, which temporarily raises your pressure. Chain smoking will cause your blood pressure to always be elevated.

Lose weigh if you're overweight. Being overweight increases the amount of blood in your body and causes your heart to work harder to pump it. Your heart muscles thicken under the strain and it becomes even harder for your heart to pump blood. The additional effort it takes your heart to pump will increase your chances of developing high blood pressure.

Eat a wholesome low fat diet that includes fruits, vegetables, grains and low excess fat dairy items. Eating lots of saturated fats, trans fat and cholesterol laden foods may trigger plaque buildup in your arteries and cause high pressure.

In addition to these lifestyle changes, your doctor might want to put you on medication as nicely. A combination of modifications and medication will the majority of definitely lower your pressure with the goal getting able to manage your high blood pressure and live a healthier life. - 31820

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Quit Smoking and Your Health Will Be Improved in 20 Minutes

By Martin Elmer

If you smoke your last cigarette now, your health will already have improved tomorrow. In fact the healing process will start after a few minutes. 20 minutes is all it takes, before the healing process starts.

Your blood pressure decreases and your pulse rate drops 20 minutes after your last cigarette. The body temperature of hands and feet will also increase. The carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to a normal level after 8 hours and the oxygen level in blood increases to normal.

Tomorrow at the same time, your risk of a heart attack is decreased. And the day after tomorrow your nerve endings will begin to growth again. Your will also have improved your ability to taste and smell. On day later your breathing will be easier.

The following weeks and month your will improve your circulation. Walking will be easier and your lung function will increase. The nicotine withdrawal symptom will subside after the first month, so you will be able to focus on the psychological need for a cigarette.

On year after you stopped smoking, your risk of coronary heart disease is decreased to half. And smoking is directly linked to 30 % of all heart disease deaths in the United States each year, so this is a very important step.

Some of the most important improvements are the long-term benefits. 5 years from now the risk of a stroke has been reduced to the same level as non-smokers. And 5 years later the risk of lung cancer has dropped to one-half that of the smokers. Other types of cancer like throat, mouth, esophagus, kidney, bladder, and pancreas will also have a lower risk.

The risk of coronary heart disease will be the same of people who have never smoked after 15 years. And in many other ways will the risk of death be at nearly the same level of people who have never smoked.

So if you stop smoking today, your will be rewarded with an improved health. But it is also important to remember that healing from nicotine addiction is an ongoing process. While some improvements happen quickly, others will come more gradually. - 31820

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Can Surgery Cure High Blood Pressure?

By Christian Goodman

High blood pressure is called silent killer because it cannot be cured. It has spread out that that the only way to maintain normal pressure is by taking high blood pressure medicines.

It is found recently by British scientists that a simple small surgery can cure hypertension. The surgery is said to be simple in nature.

This surgery will reduce very much the risk of getting heart attack for persons on whom the traditional heart disease medicine do not work. This name of this surgery is renal sympathetic-nerve ablation and it involves burning points in the nerves responsible for hypertension.

Mel Lobo, a physician in Britain's National Health Services is very much excited about this surgery. He says that it is a very important step to cure hypertension after the invention of hypertension medications some 50 years back.

This surgery was done by Dr. Martin Rothman, he is a cardiologist and person who supports this surgery whole heatedly. The surgery was first done on a person who is 68 years old with complications of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Carried out at the London Chest Hospital, the surgery is so simple the patients can go home the same day. It is estimated that patients see a remarkable drop in blood pressure levels within a period of three months at the maximum. This first patient started to show results in about two weeks.

It is however essential that hypertension patients should continue to make efforts toward managing their diet and exercise regime to ensure that blood pressure does not become a problem again.

But always the natural treatment is the best as it is free of side effects and it will also increase the total health of the body. Taking large amount of salt in food is not only bad for hypertension people, it is also bad normal healthy adults.

The best way to maintain your blood pressure readings is by adopting to a natural way of living. This is very much important for people with borderline numbers. If high blood pressure runs in your family then it is very important for you to get checked regularly.

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Go Natural: High Blood Pressure Natural Remedies

By Julie Wilkinson

High blood pressure is a silent disease due to the absence of symptoms. However, if there are indeed early symptoms such as dizziness or headache, you may not think it is already a high blood pressure. This is why lot of people who has high blood pressure or hypertension may not be aware of their condition. Visit your doctor and have your blood pressure checked regularly to prevent future health problems.

There are lots of factors that affect one's blood pressure; unhealthy lifestyle is one. The lack of physical activities, being over weight, smoking, stress, and excessive alcohol consumption are just some of the notable causes of high blood pressure.

Even though there are available prescription drugs for high blood pressure, many are still looking for natural remedies. Study shows that some high blood pressure natural remedies can be as effective as and more affordable than prescription drugs. And because they are natural, they do not contain harmful contents that most prescription drugs.

To begin with naturally treating your high blood pressure, you want to start changing your lifestyle first. If you are overweight or obese, you are susceptible to many health related problems, and hypertension is one. Try losing weight by regular exercise and/or increasing physical activities. You may also want to watch your diet. Avoid too much sodium and potassium intake. Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption. Avoid getting stressed out. Always find time to relax and unwind from your busy life. If you switch to a healthier lifestyle, you will not only reduce your blood pressure level, but also you are preventing yourself from getting other health related problems.

If your doctor found out that you are hypertensive, he or she would definitely suggest you to change your lifestyle that is if you have an unhealthy one. Aside from a change of lifestyle, your health practitioner may also prescribe you take some medications. However, certain drugs may side effects. This is why a lot of who suffer from hypertension are looking for alternative solution, which is high blood pressure natural remedies.

There are several recommended high blood pressure natural remedies. One of them is taking Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplement. A study shows that taking CoQ10 supplement may help control high blood pressure. Other known high blood pressure natural remedies include garlic, hawthorn, folic acid, and fish oil.

Another study shows that garlic supplement can be used to lower blood pressure. However, since garlic can thin the blood, which has similar effect to aspirin, garlic supplements should be closely administered by a doctor as it may interact with other prescription drugs or supplements.

Hawthorn has long been known to treat hypertension. Many traditional herbal practitioners used hawthorn to treat mild high blood pressure.

Fish oil contains DHA (docohexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). But, only its DHA content is what helps lower high blood pressure.

Hypertension must be treatment as soon as possible. If left untreated, it may damage other organs in your body and increase the risk of heart failure. Regular visit to your doctor and proper treatments help prevent future health problems. - 31820

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Discover Xtend Life Cholest-Natural to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

By Xylene Belita

You will no doubt know about all the controversy around the use of medications to lower cholesterol. There is much talk about if the side effects are worth the risk of taking it. Of course, if you have high cholesterol you will want to discuss your situation with your doctor. You may also consider checking out a natural cholesterol supplement like Xtend Life Cholest-Natural.

But if you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol you might want to try a natural supplement like Xtend Life Cholest-Natural before going on any prescription medication. There are many side effects to prescription medication but you might have to take them anyway due to your health. This again is between you and your doctor.

Ask him if your situation is due to your heredity or your diet. You might be prone to high cholesterol because of your genes but this does not mean that you have to be condemned to a life of high cholesterol. You have to take control of your health. This means taking control of your diet.

Limit the excess saturated fats from what you eat. You should exercise on a regular basis. And you can try, with your doctor's approval a product like Xtend Life Cholest-Natural. This product says it will reduce the production of cholesterol in your body.

Just think if you can get your body to produce less cholesterol then you are on the way to reducing it in your system. It is also supposed to lower the blood fats in your blood stream. Xtend Life Cholest-Natural also claims it will dissolve cholesterol particles that are already in your blood system.

It would seem that if you can take a product that does this then the cholesterol will not build up plaque levels which leads to blockage. Take a look at Xtend Life Cholest-Natural and discuss it with your doctor. This might be your answer to lowering your cholesterol level without having to take prescription medication. - 31820

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Gout And It's Associated Risks

By Christian Goodman

They will be discussing about his big toe and they also say that he couldn't even tolerate the weight of a paper on top of it. I remember a conversation which i heard during my childhood among my family members and their friends.

I was very confused and afraid even to think how much this disease will hurt. Frankly I did not understand even a single part of that disease.

The first place the gout forms will be in joint below the big toe. This is known as rich man medical condition. Gout is a kind of arthritis that appears all of a sudden.

Gout's symptoms are as follows red, tender, swollen and hot joints, ligaments and tendons of the toes, feet, hands, ankles and knees. Gout gives pain continuously for many hours, sometime even up to 24 hours.

Generally, people who are attacked by gout will be in pain for many days and in some cases the pain will for many weeks. After the first attack, it will follow up it with more regular attacks, with more pain and this time on more joints.

Gout is a result of having too much uric acid in the blood. Sharp crystals build up in the joints, ligaments and/or tendons, which result in the above mentioned symptoms. In some cases, too little uric acid can cause the same symptoms.

Men typically report symptoms of gout more often than women and tend to suffer attacks of gout at a younger age. Women tend to report the condition with much greater frequency after menopause.

What puts one at risk for gout? Sometimes (less than 15%) of cases are due to lifestyle. Alcohol consumption can impair the kidney's ability to remove excess uric acid. Additionally, eating organ meat (especially red meat) and seafood can contribute to higher levels of uric acid.

Gout can also be brought on by other medical conditions, the main one being high blood pressure, or hypertension. Atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries) and hyperlipidemia (high amounts of fat and cholesterol in the blood) and diabetes can also contribute to gout.

Alternatively obesity also contributes to high blood pressure and diabetes. Gout is also a result of obesity and sedentary lifestyle.

Medicines are advised when the first attack happens, there also medicines to prevent the following attack. But if a person is not willing to take medicines due to the side effects then changing the lifestyle is the best thing to do.

Whether to prevent a recurrence of gout and to improve your overall health, it's important that you not let your high blood pressure go untreated. I highly recommend my High Blood Pressure program. It's all natural and results are incredible! If weight loss is your goal in staying gout free, I also recommend my Weight Loss Breeze program!

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Easy Foot Massage For Stress

By Adriana Noton

A daily self-administered massage for stress can go a long way to alleviate and prevent stress, which could lead to stiff and achy muscles in the shoulders, back and neck. Stress is also the biggest culprit when it comes to symptoms of high blood pressure, headaches and palpitations. A good preventative massage is the Hellerwok massage for stress.

Over more than 120 years, massage for stress has been proven to aid mind, soul and body by creating a peaceful and calm sense of well-being and relieving the tension that builds up daily.

Anxiety and hyperventilation are reduced with massage. White blood cells increase and therefore show an enhanced immune system. Cancer patients benefit from therapeutic massage which reduces anxiety and pain, as was found by the James Cancer Hospital and Research Institute.

Depression in mothers who have recently lost a child to death was helped by therapeutic massage, according to the University of South Carolina. It was established that patients of abdominal surgery recovered quicker with the help of massage and HIV-exposed infants gained weight faster with therapeutic massage.

There are many benefits of massage for stress. It helps to decrease blood pressure and heart rate in hypertension sufferers and alleviating migraines. It also helps to improve alertness and improved performance.

A massage cannot build the strength of muscles, but it can revive muscles left dormant as a result of no exercise, which is often the case after illness or injury. All sportsmen swear by a weekly sports massage.

Research on autistic children proved that massages helped them behave less erratically. Premature babies benefited from massage and gained weight more quickly. Burn patients experienced less pain, itching, tension and anxiety when they were massaged.

Office workers who received massage for stress reported better performance, less stress and higher alertness. Doctors report that stress is the cause of up to 90% of ailments that bring people into the physician's office. People miss the old school touch of a caring doctor or nurse.

The physical benefits of a good therapeutic massage include: stress relieve, muscle relaxation, healing of injured muscles, flexibility of joints, easier and deeper breathing, improved posture, reduced eye-strain and reduced blood pressure.

Benefits of massage for stress include many mental benefits such as increased body-mind awareness, mental alertness and peace of mind.

Nothing beats a foot massage for stress. Try this yourself by relaxing your foot completely and then soaking both feet in a foot spa or bath of hot water. Add a drop of peppermint oil, which benefits the circulation and also boasts anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic properties. Relax your body completely by taking deep slow breathes and closing your eyes, letting no negative thoughts or anxiety seep in. After 20 minutes, dry the feet in a soft towel. Gently squeeze the muscles of the calves to relieve muscle stiffness and rotate the ankles five times and stroke the anklebones gently with your fingers. Work all the thumb pads using a press-release motion all over the surface of the foot.

Massage for stress applied daily will prevent stress and particularly for those who had injuries and trauma and for the sick. - 31820

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Is There A Link Between Hypertension And Cytomegalovirus?

By Christian Goodman

I take my health very seriously and am always interested in knowing what I can do to improve and maintain my health, most preferably, naturally.

I am also very interested in knowing what I have control over (diet, exercise, etc.) and what I don't have control over (genetics, mass pollution, etc) where my health is concerned.

On the basis of research I collected a lot of details on cytomegalovirus. And also its connection to hypertension. Mostly I prefer researching health topics that brings value to me and my clients.

This virus comes from the bigger herpes family. Mononucleosis is also part of the same virus family. Greek names viruses are interconnected as this virus also gets it's name from Greek cyto (cell) plus megalo (large).

CMV virus affects 60 to 99 percentage of the population. Developing countries is mostly affected by this virus, even though it is found in almost all countries. Urine, saliva and semen are the substances through which this virus is passed.

I git concerned for two reasons after I saw this numbers. The first thing a virus which I have not heard of affects 60 percentage of the population. Secondly there is 39 percent gap in infection rate reports to be inconsistent.

As I'm not a doctor I asked one of my good friend who is a doctor about this. He replied on a average a person with a age 40 carries this virus and it is widespread. I was shocked to hear this.

My friend went on to explain that the virus doesn't generally produce symptoms in children or adults unless the patient is has an immune compromised system already (HIV infected, organ transplant recipients and elderly patients).

This virus is rarely life threatening apart from the above said conditions. And about one percent of born babies get this virus as birth defect.

If that's I can live that.

On the basis of recent studies it has been confirmed that there is a connection between CMV virus and atherosclerosis. And this can lead to high blood pressure, but it is even more deadly when it is mixed with high cholesterol diet.

If untreated hypertension can destabilize all the other organs and this may lead to conditions like stroke, blindness etc. It can even affect younger patients, but it is commonly found in persons above the age of 80.

This opens new doors as far as preventative medicine is concerned. New research has lead many experts to consider vaccines as an option when looking at high blood pressure patients.

So what can I do today to protect myself for tomorrow? Diet and exercise are chief ways to reduce or eliminate HBP. Prescription medicine is also an option but at the risk of sounding like a broken recordALL of these medicines have side effects, many of them serious.

I recommend my all natural High Blood Pressure program. The relaxation and breathing exercises are easy to do and the results are amazing, both short and long term!

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What Should Be The Dietary Pattern If Suffering From High Blood Pressure?

By Steven K. Conlan

It goes without saying that diet plays a very imperative role if you are battling high blood pressure. The correct diet will help you keep the condition in order. On the other hand any wrong choice of food can finish up in a rise in the blood pressure readings. So it is very important that you make the correct choice of food and lose the wrong ones to keep a tab on the blood pressure levels.

One of the most imperative things in his context is to keep a watch on your weight. If you are on the plus side, the body has to exert further pressure so the blood reaches all the parts of the body effectively. In the middle, the blood pressure level rises to a great extent. So if such a situation is to be dodged, it is better to turn the weighing scales in your favor.

Start by restricting your calorie intake. Cut back on your junk food consumption. Instead, eat more of fresh veggies and fruit. Couple this with moderate physical activity like 30 minutes of brisk walking and you are sure to lose weight.

One of the prime causes of blood pressure is salt. So you would certainly cause damage to yourself if you do not keep a check on your intake of salt. If you want to keep the blood pressure problem in check it is advisable to use less quantity of salt while cooking. Similarly restrict the consumption of processed and packaged foods. It's been observed that foods like chips, wafers and one or two others contain high % of salt and sodium which can increase the likelihood of blood pressure.

To keep the blood pressure levels in control, it's required that you keep distance from some of the food items too. One such thing is alcohol. It has been observed that people, who are heavy drinkers, are more subject to the issue of high blood pressure. The intake of alcohol is understood to rupture the walls of the arteries. This level. To keep the blood pressure problems. Experts are of the opinion that alcohol consumption must be proscribed to the maximum possible level. If at all any consumption is made, it should not exceed beyond one drink for women and two drinks for men.

Regular exercising can also help to chop your blood pressure. When you're exercising, your heart does not need to exert extra pressure to pump blood. You needn't hit the gymnasium to get your dose of exercise. Simple exercises like walking, skipping, jumping or dancing can make up for your regular dose of exercise.

Stop smoking. Smoking is accepted to extend blood pressure while also increasing your chances of developing a heart stroke. Kick the butt straight away and you will be in a position to bring your blood pressure levels in control. If you find it hard to quit smoking, you will seek the help of diverse smoking cessation aids such as smoking sprays, nicotine gums and the like.

Lastly, monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis. This can help you take timely action in case your blood pressure surpasses the ordinary levels. So, you can prevent your blood pressure from going out of control.

Stop raised blood pressure because prevention is often better than cure. - 31820

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Lowering Blood Pressure With The Dash Diet - LR

By Lee Reid

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the United States have always promoted the dash diet to control hypertension . The dash diet or the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension is a diet that limits ones intake of sodium. The dash diet though encourages the consumption of whole grain, fruits and vegetables, fish and poultry and nuts for snacks.

The consumption of red meats and sweets are a complete taboo if you are following the dash diet accurately. Therefore the diet is rich in magnesium, calcium, fiber, magnesium and potassium, which are essentials for good health. Keeping the blood pressure below 120/80mmHg is the major aspect of dash diet.

Though the dash diet is not technically a vegetarian diet, it encourages the consumption of fruits vegetables, nuts and beans more than meats. Processed foods and junk food are not encouraged in this diet at all. For these there are healthy alternative snacks that have been suggested to fill in that empty void by satisfying that sweet tooth. "Your Guide to Lowering your Blood Pressure with Dash" which is a guideline book published by the NIH will indicate details of the diet. The guide also gives guidance on proportions and alternative foods that should be consumed when on the diet.

It is proven that the dash diet will reduce the blood pressure by 6mmHg. Ones diastolic blood pressure by 3 mm Hg is also proven to reduce in dieters with normal blood pressure. 11 to 6 of a drop in hypertension is also possible with the dash diet. Risks of strokes and hear diseases are reduced immensely with the use of dash diets. Dash diet will therefore bring you advantages out of your imagination . While doing all this, the dash diet also enables one to consume 1699 to 3100 dietary calories per day!

Because of the balance in calorie intake and the consumption the cons of dash diets are almost negligible. But because this diet is high in fiber it may cause diarrhea and bloating in some people.

To counter this though one can just increase the quantity of fruit, vegetable and whole grain consumed. It will help to gain the required amount of water in your body once you take in more fibre. Once you are able to follow on with the dash diet, your health will have a proven effect for the lifetime. - 31820

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Treat Your Blood Pressure Problems Using Natural Remedies

By Steven K. Conlan

pressure is one health condition that one in every three adult US people suffers from. This is fact that has been put forward by the American Heart Association. But, you needn't worry as this condition is perfectly treatable. There are many medicines, drugs and various natural cures available to help conquer this condition and control your blood pressure levels efficiently. We'll take a look at a few of them.

The first thing you need to govern your blood pressure is a correctly nutritious diet. It is as natural as a remedy to your blood pressure problem can get. The National Institutes of Health, through their State Heart, Lung and Blood Institute have introduced the Dietary Approaches to Stop Raised blood pressure DASH towards this end.

DASH diet has the simple plan of action where in it instructs you to eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet. Also, it instructs you to incorporate dairy foods, nuts and beans in your diet routine.Next, you are required to cut down on your sodium consumption when you are on a DASH diet. You must remember that cooking salt Is one important provider of sodium.

Another important thing that you should try is coenzyme Q10. It is available in the market in various food additions. Regular consumption of Q10 can bring substantial advantages to your health card but ensure that you get in touch with your physician before going all out with Q10 consumption.

Garlic is the second best thing for those suffering from raised blood pressure levels. Take a clove of raw garlic every morning, with water on an empty tummy. This too could help bring down the BP levels. For those who find it impossible to eat raw garlic, can use it as a part of various recipes.For others, garlic additions too are available. ensure that you talk to your doctor before you take these supplements.

Hawthorn is another herb that is very effective in treating hypertension. Although it can lower both diastolic and systolic blood pressure, it is better at reducing the former one. Sometimes , 1200 mg of this herb is prescribed to the patients of hypertension.

Fish oil is the next best natural substance that may help lower high blood pressure levels.However, it is a lighter treatment that may not exhibit excellent results. It contains DHA that helps lower BP levels. Fish oil can be easily used for cooking purposes.

Folic acid is a sort of Vitamin B that could help lower blood pressure levels.This vitamin assists in the formation of blood cells. It is believed that folic acid reduces homocysteine levels to bring down blood pressure.

Try these simple natural remedies and you will be able to bring down your blood pressure levels easily. - 31820

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Cholestrol Cannot Be Completely Fought With Drugs

By Christian Goodman

Eating too much of food containing fat is the reason for cholesterol. The amount of high content fat food we eat has made us to make frequent trips to our physicists.

High content of cholesterol may lead to blocks in arteries. High cholesterol can lead to various heart disease if unchecked.

Most of the people do not know that the high amount of cholesterol found in our body is produced by our own bodies. Moreover, everyone should understand that the amount of cholesterol produced in our body is a by product of what we eat.

So, while you may take as many conventional drugs as you want and increase the side effects that you face and manage, it is mandatory to eat smart so that you are able to abate the production of cholesterol in the body.

Some foods that are known to be beneficial for patients who suffer from high cholesterol have been detailed by naturopaths to help in reducing this cholesterol epidemic that seems to have become a menace.

1.Pecans are considered to be one of the best foods for cholesterol. In a recent study conducted in New Mexico, it was observed that consuming about cups of sugarless pecans without corn syrup helped reduce LDL cholesterol (commonly known as bad cholesterol) by 10 percent. This was achieved while maintaining all other aspects of the diet as before.

2. Ginger is mostly used in oriental cuisine. It is said to have great nature to reduce the cholesterol. The best aspect of ginger is its ability to reduce bad cholesterol.

However, ginger should not be consumed as ginger cookies. Ginger can be grated and the juice can be extracted and added to tea or meal preparations.

3. The presence of large amount fiber in cassava helps it to reduce cholesterol. It also contains high amount of calcium, fiber, iron, manganese, potassium and vitamin B6

A recent study conducted in Philippines shows that cassava was instrumental in reducing total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. The food also helped in decreasing the level of triglycerides in the body.

You can learn more about how these foods can help you in the fight against cholesterol from our upcoming cholesterol guide. Barley, oatmeal, wheatgrass, garlic and apples are some of the food that has the capacity to reduce the cholesterol levels in the body.

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Here Are Some Blood Pressure Medications

By Steven K. Conlan

Countless people across the globe suffer with raised blood pressure, also known as hypertension. But thankfully the issue can be controlled with the help of various blood pressure medications. There are several different kinds of blood pressure medications that can help you handle the problem successfully.

One of the most famous and regularly used medications for treating high blood pressure is Diuretics. The medication works by draining helpful as it makes the body. the heart beat at the standard pace. As and when the unwanted toxins, sodium and water from the body. To derive best benefit out of diuretics, it is essential that it should be used in tandem with other medications for high blood pressure.

ACE Angiotensin Changing Enzyme inhibitors are also used to control blood pressure levels. This medication is responsible to stop the formation of a hormone called Angiotensin II. It relaxes the blood vessels by not letting them chop down, thereafter reducing the blood pressure.

Beta blockers are another popular category of medicines intended to treat blood pressure. These medicines work by reducing the nerve impulses that go to the heart and the blood vessels. Since the nerve impulses are reduced, the heart beats slower which consecutively leads to a drop in the blood pressure.

Besides, beta blockers, alpha blockers are also used to treat high blood pressure. It reduces the nerve impulse to blood to pass easier thru the blood to pass more easily through the vessels, causing a reduction in of medicine is not taken as the first line of treatment.

Alpha beta Blockers also work in nearly the similar way to treat blood pressure as the alpha blockers. The only difference is that this particular medication also decreases the heart beat. As the heart works slower than usual, lesser blood passes through the blood vessels and hence the blood pressure goes down.

Calcium Chane Blockers is the next category of medications that is quite popular to treat raised blood pressure. The drugs in this category do not let the calcium enter the veins as well as the muscle cells of the heart. In the absence of calcium, the blood vessels stay relaxed which causes the blood pressure to go down.

Nervous system inhibitors are the following less commonly used category of blood pressure lowering drugs. They widen the blood vessels and let the blood flow effect of it, the blood pressure levels decrease.

All the medications stated above are the prescription medicines. However, it's important that you take these medicines only under the guidance of a qualified doctor. Make use of these medicines to cope with your problem of high blood pressure better. - 31820

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The Atkins Diet

By Brian Johnson

You have decided that you're going on a diet and you've told yourself that this will be the last one that you'll ever try. The only reason for this is that you've already heard so much about the Atkins Diet, that you have total confidence in its ability to help you lose weight and to keep it off. You know that with the help of the Atkins diet plan you can tailor make your diet to suit your body and your requirements.

When you commence your diet, you'll receive an Atkins diet plan that will get you started on the first part of your dieting journey. This is phase one, called the induction phase, of the four phases which you will go through. So, what you're really getting with the Atkins diet plan is a great way for you to choose the path you take on your diet and how long it will take you to shed the amount of weight you choose to.

Although, you don't have follow the Atkins diet plan to the minutiae, if you really want fast results, you will follow it to the minutiae. So, keep away from the carbs and eat your high fat, high protein meals. Well, you won't have to stay away from carbs all together, you'll just need to make yours a low carb diet instead of the high carb diet you've been following so unthinkingly all of your life so far.

However, by following the Atkins diet plan and all but cutting out carbs from your diet, you lessen the chances of your diet failing and going to the dogs. After all, this time you've decided that this is your last diet and that you're going to make it work, so it is really no use tempting fate and going, even if slightly, off course from your Atkins diet plan.

Bear in mind that the entire plan is adaptable to suit you, and to help you make your dieting limitations easier to bear. With that in mind, also remember that you can also eat at least 20 carbs on the Atkins diet plan, but you will have a virtually unlimited variety of proteins and fats available to you. So, you don't need to be worried that your Atkins diet plan will cost you the pleasures of eating well.

On the Atkins diet plan, you'll find out that you can eat well without noticing the loss of your carbs very much. And even though you might think that cooking and planning meals will be a chore, if you have to stay within the restrictions of the Atkins diet plan, you'll be pleasantly relieved to realize that it is just not true.

There are many great foods and meal plans available on the Atkins diet plan. And if you can just make it through reading your Atkins diet plan, you'll find that you really can get through this diet with practically no pain on your part. Now that's what I call the diet to end all diets! And isn't that what you wanted in the first place? - 31820

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The Dangers Of Sleep Apnea And How To Effectively Annihilate It

By Chester Umber

Of all the things that can negatively effect your health, there are some that are far worse than others. Some come announced, making it clear that you have a problem. Still others sneak in unknown, and can linger and fester for many months, or even years before you realize they are wreaking havoc on your life.

One such condition is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea occurs at night, when you are sleeping. As a consequence many of the millions of sufferers are not even aware that they have this condition.

Although some symptoms present themselves during the light of day, they are often mistaken for other, more common ailments. For example, headaches are not often associated with a lack of sleep.

Some of the daytime symptoms of sleep apnea are drowsiness, headaches, and an inability to concentrate. One way to check if these are due to sleep apnea, is consider them in light of how much sleep you think you got the previous night. If you think you're getting six to eight hours of solid shut eye, but still feel drowsy during the day, chances are you have sleep apnea.

Of course, the best way to check for sleep apnea is at night, while you are sleeping. If a spouse or partner can listen to you sleep with a critical ear, this can be of great benefit. If you stop breathing periodically on a regular basis, then you likely have sleep apnea. Another way to do this is to record yourself with a tape recorder or other recording device. This can help a great deal. Many people also find benefit from keeping a sleep journal.

Whatever your method for data collection is, make sure you collect as much as possible. That way, when you see your doctor, he or she will be in a much better position to make an accurate diagnosis. Whatever they suggest, just be sure that when properly diagnoses, sleep apnea is more often not completely treatable, and a good nights sleep is much closer than you may realize. - 31820

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What is Hypertension in Pregnancy?

By William Wallace

Pregnancy induced hypertension is the most common problem to occur during your pregnancy. In fact two to three percent pregnant women have pregnancy induced hypertension.

During her fourth pregnancy, Katie Hansen from El Monte, California experienced pregnancy induced hypertension. She learnt about this condition when she did her third prenatal checkup.

On this occasion she learnt that among the factors that increase the likelyhood of pregnancy induced hypertension are: first pregnancy, a family medical history of preeclampsia affecting the firts-degree relatives, and a period of less than 2 years or more than 10 years.

Additional factors that raise the risk of pregnancy induced hypertension are chronic hypertension, diabetes with microvascular disease, renal disease, thrombophilia and obesity.

In case of pregnancy induced hypertension, there may not be any symptoms. Nevertheless, visual disturbances identical to scintillations (flickers of light) might be present and also scotomata (blind spots) - perhaps because of the cerebral arteries spasms. In addition, women can have upper abdominal pain that can appear without notice and that are constant and rather severe. The sufferer can experience headaches on the front, puslating and being analogous to migrane problems.

The problem with pregnancy induced hypertension is that it may trigger thromboembolism (blood clots), strokes, seizures, aggravation of the liver which can lead to liver failure, kidney failure, protein in the urine, placental abruption where the placenta detaches of the the uterus and also the death of the mother. According to statistics, between 1991 and 1999 over 15% of the deaths of women during their pregnancy had as their cause pregnancy induced hypertension.

There are three kinds of pregnancy induced hypertension: Chronic Hypertension, Preeclampsia additionally as Transient hypertension.

Chronic Hypertension

Most frequently chronic hypertension has no other cause. But, it can be caused by kidney disease like polycystic kidneys, glomerular or interstitial disease, coarctation of the aorta, hormone problems such as adrenocorticosteroid or mineralocorticoid excess, pheochromocytoma, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, too much parathyroid hormone or even using oral contraceptives.


The cause of preeclampsia is not known. What is known is that this condition is caused by a problem of the inner lining of the blood vessels. This leads to spasms of the blood vessels. Consequently, when the arteries reduce themselves, the blood pressure gets higher. This deterioration also leads to the blood vessels to leak and to swell. This condition can cause difficulties for the brain, lungs and also to kidneys. Another effect that these changes can cause is a lower blood flow for the developing baby.

Transient hypertension

The elevated blood pressure called transient hypertension just happens late in pregnancy. Then after delivery, the blood pressure goes back to normal. But, it probably increases your chances of getting high blood pressure later in life.

Pregnancy induced hypertension is one of the major reasons that you should keep your regular appointments with your family doctor. - 31820

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How You Should Purchase Blood Pressure Monitors Today

By Manuel Vintagoli

Many people keep blood pressure monitors around their homes to keep a check on their blood pressure. These can help you stay healthy and safe. If you have problems with your blood pressure then you should see a doctor immediately for more information and to find out if you may need medication to help regulate it. These monitors are only a way to help you know if you may need immediate medical attention.

If your blood pressure runs to high it can cause a stroke or heart attack. This can lead to sever disability or even death. Checking your blood pressure on a daily basis can help you to decide if you need medical attention immediately. Getting to the doctor in time if your blood pressure is too high can prevent these consequences.

When you blood pressure runs low it has a different effect. You may become dizzy or weak. This puts you at greater risk for falls and injuries. Low blood pressure can also be fatal. Extremely high or low blood pressure requires medical attention.

I have known many people who never knew there was a problem until they ended up in the hospital due to complications from their blood pressure. This can be avoided by normal check ups and proper medical care. Having your own blood pressure monitor can help also. Always remember that your doctor is the very best person to help you with any medical problem.

Never try to adjust your own medication. This can also be potentially fatal. You doctor is the only one who can make changes in your medication and you should never share medicine or take any one else's. If you think you need medicine or need changes made to your current medication then tell your doctor and he will make that decision based on your medical history and tests only he can perform.

Blood pressure monitors can be bought at any location that sells medical equipment and are easily purchased by anyone. They have electronic models that digitally display the results for easy and accurate reading. These blood pressure monitors usually go on your wrist and you can get results by simply pushing a button.

Some meters even have memory so you can look back at past results and compare them. This can be very helpful if you take it regularly and keep track of your readings. This may even help your doctor to determine exactly what you need.

The biggest problem with blood pressure monitors is that they may not always be accurate. That's why you should see your doctor if you feel there is any problem with your blood pressure. Only a trained physician can determine if you need medical care.

There are many different models available. They also come in a wide rang of prices. I have found that the cheaper ones are usually just as good but they may not last as long or be quite as accurate. It's sometimes better to pay a little more and get a quality product. You can buy these at a store near you or order online.

Blood pressure monitors are a great asset and everyone should keep one of these on hand. One of these monitors may very well save your life or the life of a loved one. - 31820

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Free Low Carbohydrate Diet

By Michael James

Due to our busy lives we sometimes forget to plan healthy, nutritious meals. As a result of this, we end up piling on too much weight. Some people in many countries around the world are now becoming more health conscious and they are always looking out for good diets that will help them to reach their ideal weight. Many of us who would definitely benefit from a free low carb diet rather than just gaining more and more weight.

For the extremely busy person who just does not have the time to go to gyms, having access to a free low carb diet and the details that will make it work is a great benefit. Normally, we have to join a slimming club in order to gain the maximum benefits of slimming, but the Internet has a vast availability of free low carb diet links that you can look at in order to slim down.

As with any diet or exercise regimen that you choose to begin, you ought to get your doctor's advice on whether the low carb diet is good for the lifestyle that you maintain. When you do start on a free low carb diet you should check out which type of low carb diet is going to provide you the results that you desire. There is also the fact that you ought to be able to maintain this free low carb diet once you have reached your target weight.

With all of the low carb diets going around, there are many items that you can look into. For the person on the go, who needs a quick pick-me-up or a breakfast alternative, there are low carb products available that fill this niche. There are snacks, nutritious shakes and carb counters that will help you count the number of carbs your meal has.

You can find lots of fantastic low carb recipes to try out on any of the free low carb diet links that you will find. These low carb recipes are delicious-looking and they taste great too. In addition to the recipes for everything from breakfast to snacks to dinner and appetizers, you will also be able to plan your weekly free low carb diet menu so that shopping is simple.

Because there are various kinds of free low carb diet plans that you can look into, you might want to take your time in choosing a good one. See if you can discover a low carb diet that is sensible and works with your lifestyle.

Having access to many low carb diet recipes is a boon for the busy individual. With all of these great plus-points to be found, you may not even notice that you're following a free low carb diet! - 31820

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Beets Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally

By Christian Goodman

Unbelievably, some blood pressure medications can actually create a heart attack and stroke. Those are some very serious side effects! Blood pressure medications frequently make nasty side effects such as dizziness, cramps and pains.

An example: In a study published last year's blood pressure journal says drinking two cups of beetroot juice can actually reduce blood pressure up to 10 points without causing any side effects. After drinking beet juice there might be a pink color in your urine or stool but that is quite normal. Fortunately there are much more natural methods to reduce blood pressure.

"Our research suggests that drinking beetroot juice, or consuming other nitrate-rich vegetables, might be a simple way to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, and might also be an additional approach that one could take in the modern day battle against rising blood pressure," said lead author of the study, Professor Amrita Ahluwalia of the William Harvey Research Institute at Barts and The London School of Medicine.

Beets are full of phytochemicals that help lower blood pressure, prevent cancer, and facilitate digestion. Hypertension drugs won't do that for you. And the best thing about beets: they only cost a few bucks, and you can get them without a prescription.

Suzy Cohen, author of The 24-Hour Pharmacist, says, "Beets even look like hearts, if you think about it. They lower blood pressure by increasing levels of nitric oxide in your blood vessels. The anti-platelet action of beets reduces risk for blood clots. Beets can dissolve inorganic calcium deposits that clog up your pipeline. Beets can lower total cholesterol and triglycerides by 30 percent and 40 percent, respectively, while increasing those good HDLs. Has your statin done that for you?"

Beets are also rich in folic acid and other antioxidants that reduce inflammation and improve heart disease. The red color of beets comes from betacyanin, a phytochemical that is a powerful cancer fighter. Another medical study showed that beet fiber helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Yet another study showed that beets increase the number of CD8 cells (cancer-fighting cells) in the colon.

The simplest way to eat a large quantity of beet is to buy a juicer. For juicing select bright organic beets and mix it with apple juice or other vegetables. People who suffer from kidney stones, gout or osteoporosis should avoid beet as it is high in oxalic. It is not advisable to mix broccoli and other high calcium rich vegetables with beet juice as they both will not digest well.

Avoid foods with high fat, and also processed foods. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables to reach the benefits of phytochemicals and fiber for high blood pressure.

Exercise does not have to be vigorous. Another key to reducing blood pressure naturally is Regular exercise. Simple set of easy exercises are developed by the Natural health researcher Christian Goodman, which can lower blood pressure naturally in just minutes a day.

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