Easy Foot Massage For Stress

By Adriana Noton

A daily self-administered massage for stress can go a long way to alleviate and prevent stress, which could lead to stiff and achy muscles in the shoulders, back and neck. Stress is also the biggest culprit when it comes to symptoms of high blood pressure, headaches and palpitations. A good preventative massage is the Hellerwok massage for stress.

Over more than 120 years, massage for stress has been proven to aid mind, soul and body by creating a peaceful and calm sense of well-being and relieving the tension that builds up daily.

Anxiety and hyperventilation are reduced with massage. White blood cells increase and therefore show an enhanced immune system. Cancer patients benefit from therapeutic massage which reduces anxiety and pain, as was found by the James Cancer Hospital and Research Institute.

Depression in mothers who have recently lost a child to death was helped by therapeutic massage, according to the University of South Carolina. It was established that patients of abdominal surgery recovered quicker with the help of massage and HIV-exposed infants gained weight faster with therapeutic massage.

There are many benefits of massage for stress. It helps to decrease blood pressure and heart rate in hypertension sufferers and alleviating migraines. It also helps to improve alertness and improved performance.

A massage cannot build the strength of muscles, but it can revive muscles left dormant as a result of no exercise, which is often the case after illness or injury. All sportsmen swear by a weekly sports massage.

Research on autistic children proved that massages helped them behave less erratically. Premature babies benefited from massage and gained weight more quickly. Burn patients experienced less pain, itching, tension and anxiety when they were massaged.

Office workers who received massage for stress reported better performance, less stress and higher alertness. Doctors report that stress is the cause of up to 90% of ailments that bring people into the physician's office. People miss the old school touch of a caring doctor or nurse.

The physical benefits of a good therapeutic massage include: stress relieve, muscle relaxation, healing of injured muscles, flexibility of joints, easier and deeper breathing, improved posture, reduced eye-strain and reduced blood pressure.

Benefits of massage for stress include many mental benefits such as increased body-mind awareness, mental alertness and peace of mind.

Nothing beats a foot massage for stress. Try this yourself by relaxing your foot completely and then soaking both feet in a foot spa or bath of hot water. Add a drop of peppermint oil, which benefits the circulation and also boasts anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic properties. Relax your body completely by taking deep slow breathes and closing your eyes, letting no negative thoughts or anxiety seep in. After 20 minutes, dry the feet in a soft towel. Gently squeeze the muscles of the calves to relieve muscle stiffness and rotate the ankles five times and stroke the anklebones gently with your fingers. Work all the thumb pads using a press-release motion all over the surface of the foot.

Massage for stress applied daily will prevent stress and particularly for those who had injuries and trauma and for the sick. - 31820

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