Is Active Young Adults Prone To High Blood Pressure

By Christian Goodman

This has been published in recent article on NPR. Many health experts suggest that children especially who are sports men are affected by heart disease.

Studies have shown that one in 100,000 young adults, ages 12 to 24, may die suddenly and unexpectedly from heart failure or disease. These deaths are attributed to undiagnosed congenital heart malfunctions as well as far more identifiable causes such as high blood pressure resulting in heart attack. Ironically, those who play sports are actually three times more likely to die from sudden cardiac failure than those who do not.

Why Active kids alone?

But most of the people think that children who are less active are at greater risk. According to Houston cardiologist, Thomas Debauche, the children who are not so active have less risk of death. When a young adult is on a track, or gym, etc he strains his heart more that results in the flowing of adrenalin. This is the main cause for heart failures in young age.

Even though the children who are less active has less risk for life, they should be active which is the healthiest way to avoid medical problems. The main reason for heart failure during sports is the person might have an abnormal heart structure and they do not have enough body language to participate.

This was the case for one family in Connecticut. Their oldest son was a star cross country runner and the son of a cardiologist. His blood pressure had been intermittently high, but no further tests were run because he was very active and lived a very healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep, etc.) It was not until the high blood pressure began to affect his performance on the track and in the classroom that further tests were done, revealing a congenital heart defect (a coarctation of his aorta) that had gone undiagnosed for seventeen years. While the young man would have required the surgery he needed no matter when he had been diagnosed, he would have suffered for less time with weakness, fatigue, and chest pain if his higher blood pressures had been more closely examined.

Children do not know about their health whether they are normal or any problems are there. This is the right time for them to know about their personal information about their health. So it is the duty of the parents and physicians to check the health and heart conditions of the children to avoid certain deaths.

After screening 2,000 high school athletes with a routine EKG, cardiologist Dr. Debauche found that about 10% of those students had abnormal heart rhythms. Many of these students had to begin taking blood pressure medication and about 1% were advised to stop sports.

Symptoms that parents should watch out for

Children do not know exactly what is going on within them. So it is important to the parents not to ignore the child's fatigue, it may result in heart failure too. These are the symptoms for heart defect.

Always getting tired

Changes in vision

Headaches for log time

Huge amount of sweating

! Shortness of breath during routine activities

vomiting sensation

Some buzzing noise in ear

Some changes in heartbeat

! Chest pain


Bleeding in nose

The insidious thing about high blood pressure in children and athletes is that there many be no symptoms at all. It is for this reason that many doctors, even pediatricians, are recommending to get kids checked out.

The natural health care is a precaution if there are symptoms of high blood pressure in children. The natural and traditional health treatments and diets can be followed to have good health care.

The natural health controls can be a very opt way for children to have control over their health conditions

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