Is Salt Killing You? What Does Salt Do To Your Blood Pressure Levels?

By Doctor Gordon Cameron

Too much salt is a major cause of blood pressure problems for many people. The high concentrations of sodium in many of the foods we eat today results in blood pressure readings that creep upwards - causing strokes and heart attacks.

Blood pressure is measured using a cuff and a manual or an electronic machine. If you take a reading before and then after a salty meal you'll be amazed and horrified at the different readings you get. The difference is even more marked after a period of keeping your diet low in salt levels.

The problem is aggravated for those who are highly sensitised to the presence of salt in food. This is called sodium sensitivity - and if you are unlucky enough to have it then your risk of heart attack or early death due to MI or stroke will be much higher than for other people your age.

How can you figure this out for yourself?

This is what to do if you want to check yourself out. Home machines to check blood pressure are available to by online or locally nowadays. Don't spend too much. A basic one will do the job just fine. Take a day or two to get to grips with it and start a book or chart of your readings. Once you get the hang of it then start this diet change for a week

The eating plan is not complicated. You want to cut salt out of your diet almost completely. Consume only fruit or fruit smoothies or yogurt for seven days. Nothing else. Drink water or tea or coffee. That should ensure almost zero salt. Check your BP readings - what happens?

Final stage. Sit down to a big meal with plenty salt in the food and then add a bit more for good measure. If your blood pressure rises quickly then you've just confirmed the issue. Try to avoid or dramatically reduce salt in future. - 31820

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