Can Surgery Cure High Blood Pressure?

By Christian Goodman

High blood pressure is called silent killer because it cannot be cured. It has spread out that that the only way to maintain normal pressure is by taking high blood pressure medicines.

It is found recently by British scientists that a simple small surgery can cure hypertension. The surgery is said to be simple in nature.

This surgery will reduce very much the risk of getting heart attack for persons on whom the traditional heart disease medicine do not work. This name of this surgery is renal sympathetic-nerve ablation and it involves burning points in the nerves responsible for hypertension.

Mel Lobo, a physician in Britain's National Health Services is very much excited about this surgery. He says that it is a very important step to cure hypertension after the invention of hypertension medications some 50 years back.

This surgery was done by Dr. Martin Rothman, he is a cardiologist and person who supports this surgery whole heatedly. The surgery was first done on a person who is 68 years old with complications of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Carried out at the London Chest Hospital, the surgery is so simple the patients can go home the same day. It is estimated that patients see a remarkable drop in blood pressure levels within a period of three months at the maximum. This first patient started to show results in about two weeks.

It is however essential that hypertension patients should continue to make efforts toward managing their diet and exercise regime to ensure that blood pressure does not become a problem again.

But always the natural treatment is the best as it is free of side effects and it will also increase the total health of the body. Taking large amount of salt in food is not only bad for hypertension people, it is also bad normal healthy adults.

The best way to maintain your blood pressure readings is by adopting to a natural way of living. This is very much important for people with borderline numbers. If high blood pressure runs in your family then it is very important for you to get checked regularly.

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