Blood Pressure Treatment - Five Great Expert Tips To Lower Blood Pressure Readings

By Doctor Gordon Cameron

Don't let blood pressure treatment defeat you. It's always a hard task to deal with the problem of living with high BP but it's a task you can handle if you work at it in a logical way. Good BP control means that you need to look at your medications, at your food intake and food choices - and also, of course at your stress levels.

There are several different approaches to controlling blood pressure more effectively.

Well, taking a look at the way you live your life is a good first point of call. Science shows that if we alter our lifestyle we can make big changes to our BP levels. It's not difficult to achieve.

Diet is very important. About a third of those with high blood pressure are very sensitive to salt intake. Even in those who are not overly sensitive too it, added salt will increase blood pressure levels by about ten points on the scale. If you are salt sensitive then the difference is about three times that. Many people who take blood pressure tablets every day would be able to stop or reduce them if they reduced their salt intake.

High fat or low fat? Is it all just hype. Well, sadly the answer is no - you really do need to work hard to reduce the amount of fat you consume each day. High fat causes high blood pressure. It's a pretty black and white case really. If you get your fat intake under better control then you'll get your BP readings under control too.

Body weight is vital. You can expect a rise of ten points on the BP scale for every ten pounds of weight gain - and the opposite too of course if you reduce your weight. Losing twenty pounds in weight could see you back into the normal BP range very quickly. Now, lets face it, losing weight is never easy - but coping with the side effects of blood pressure medication is not easy either and I guess it's all a choice when push comes to shove.

Lastly - you should seriously consider taking herbal supplements as an extra tool in the fight against high blood pressure levels. Hawthorn berry, garlic, daikon seeds and more have all be shown in research studies to reduce the blood pressure in an effective and helpful way.

Don't delay any longer please .... make the changes you need to improve your health .... and start today! - 31820

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