Treat Your Blood Pressure Problems Using Natural Remedies

By Steven K. Conlan

pressure is one health condition that one in every three adult US people suffers from. This is fact that has been put forward by the American Heart Association. But, you needn't worry as this condition is perfectly treatable. There are many medicines, drugs and various natural cures available to help conquer this condition and control your blood pressure levels efficiently. We'll take a look at a few of them.

The first thing you need to govern your blood pressure is a correctly nutritious diet. It is as natural as a remedy to your blood pressure problem can get. The National Institutes of Health, through their State Heart, Lung and Blood Institute have introduced the Dietary Approaches to Stop Raised blood pressure DASH towards this end.

DASH diet has the simple plan of action where in it instructs you to eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet. Also, it instructs you to incorporate dairy foods, nuts and beans in your diet routine.Next, you are required to cut down on your sodium consumption when you are on a DASH diet. You must remember that cooking salt Is one important provider of sodium.

Another important thing that you should try is coenzyme Q10. It is available in the market in various food additions. Regular consumption of Q10 can bring substantial advantages to your health card but ensure that you get in touch with your physician before going all out with Q10 consumption.

Garlic is the second best thing for those suffering from raised blood pressure levels. Take a clove of raw garlic every morning, with water on an empty tummy. This too could help bring down the BP levels. For those who find it impossible to eat raw garlic, can use it as a part of various recipes.For others, garlic additions too are available. ensure that you talk to your doctor before you take these supplements.

Hawthorn is another herb that is very effective in treating hypertension. Although it can lower both diastolic and systolic blood pressure, it is better at reducing the former one. Sometimes , 1200 mg of this herb is prescribed to the patients of hypertension.

Fish oil is the next best natural substance that may help lower high blood pressure levels.However, it is a lighter treatment that may not exhibit excellent results. It contains DHA that helps lower BP levels. Fish oil can be easily used for cooking purposes.

Folic acid is a sort of Vitamin B that could help lower blood pressure levels.This vitamin assists in the formation of blood cells. It is believed that folic acid reduces homocysteine levels to bring down blood pressure.

Try these simple natural remedies and you will be able to bring down your blood pressure levels easily. - 31820

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