Is There A Link Between Hypertension And Cytomegalovirus?

By Christian Goodman

I take my health very seriously and am always interested in knowing what I can do to improve and maintain my health, most preferably, naturally.

I am also very interested in knowing what I have control over (diet, exercise, etc.) and what I don't have control over (genetics, mass pollution, etc) where my health is concerned.

On the basis of research I collected a lot of details on cytomegalovirus. And also its connection to hypertension. Mostly I prefer researching health topics that brings value to me and my clients.

This virus comes from the bigger herpes family. Mononucleosis is also part of the same virus family. Greek names viruses are interconnected as this virus also gets it's name from Greek cyto (cell) plus megalo (large).

CMV virus affects 60 to 99 percentage of the population. Developing countries is mostly affected by this virus, even though it is found in almost all countries. Urine, saliva and semen are the substances through which this virus is passed.

I git concerned for two reasons after I saw this numbers. The first thing a virus which I have not heard of affects 60 percentage of the population. Secondly there is 39 percent gap in infection rate reports to be inconsistent.

As I'm not a doctor I asked one of my good friend who is a doctor about this. He replied on a average a person with a age 40 carries this virus and it is widespread. I was shocked to hear this.

My friend went on to explain that the virus doesn't generally produce symptoms in children or adults unless the patient is has an immune compromised system already (HIV infected, organ transplant recipients and elderly patients).

This virus is rarely life threatening apart from the above said conditions. And about one percent of born babies get this virus as birth defect.

If that's I can live that.

On the basis of recent studies it has been confirmed that there is a connection between CMV virus and atherosclerosis. And this can lead to high blood pressure, but it is even more deadly when it is mixed with high cholesterol diet.

If untreated hypertension can destabilize all the other organs and this may lead to conditions like stroke, blindness etc. It can even affect younger patients, but it is commonly found in persons above the age of 80.

This opens new doors as far as preventative medicine is concerned. New research has lead many experts to consider vaccines as an option when looking at high blood pressure patients.

So what can I do today to protect myself for tomorrow? Diet and exercise are chief ways to reduce or eliminate HBP. Prescription medicine is also an option but at the risk of sounding like a broken recordALL of these medicines have side effects, many of them serious.

I recommend my all natural High Blood Pressure program. The relaxation and breathing exercises are easy to do and the results are amazing, both short and long term!

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