Sleep Apnea Symptoms Should Not Be Ignored

By Chester Umber

There is a secret illness that is quietly sweeping the country. This illness is very hard to detect, and if left untreated can cause a host of problems and can cost thousands of dollars in lost productivity and even endanger lives. The problem is sleep apnea. More and more people are starting to realize that they may suffer from this condition.

Sleep apnea has only come into the public consciousness fairly recently. Luckily, every year there is more and more money being spent on sleep centers and other research efforts to combat this condition. However advanced the research gets, the problem of discovery lies squarely on the face of the patient.

This can be a very hard condition to have. There is no blood scan, or collection of symptoms that point to sleep apnea and only sleep apnea. The reason this is such a hard thing to pin down is because apnea symptoms are often thought to be normal, everyday ailments that come with normal, everyday life.

So what are the symptoms? The basic indication of sleep apnea is stopping breathing during the night, for many reasons. Many times you'll wake up, and fall back asleep several times, but not remember in the morning. This can lead to headaches, drowsiness and inability to concentrate. Many times these symptoms are overlooked as they happen quite naturally anyway.

So can you be sure? The simplest way is to record yourself while sleeping, or ask your partner if you make any noises like you are stopping breathing. The more data you collect, the easier it will be for your doctor to figure out what to do.

Once you understand the symptoms, and learn to collect the appropriate data, you can be much more confident of being able to treat your sleep apnea. - 31820

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