Sleep Apnea Symptoms Can Be Harder To Diagnose Than You Believe

By Chester Umber

So last week I had to go with my girlfriend to this cooking class she is taking. She is preparing to enter into culinary school, and wanted to get some preliminary training. So being the good boyfriend that I am, I went along to support her.

The problem was when I started falling asleep while the lady was giving the beginning instructions. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't keep my eyes opened. Which seemed strange because I went to bed the same time as always the night before, and woke up the same time on that day.

Her dad for the longest time had this problem when she was a kid. He would always snore, keeping the whole house awake. Finally her mom convinced him to go see a doctor about it, and it turned out he had sleep apnea. Snoring is one sleep apnea symptom. The worst part is that people that snore usually don't know that they snore. It takes some courage to confront them with this.

Some of the common symptoms are waking up several times during the night for no reason, excessive snoring, headaches during the day, and feeling tired when you are bored. If you get enough sleep, when you are bored, you should just be bored, and not tired. This is why my girlfriend was worried.

My girlfriend was concerned because I was so tired even though I thought I spent the whole night sleeping the night before. We don't sleep together, so she doesn't know if I snore or not. We went to the doctor to get me checked out. One of the big sleep apnea symptoms is feeling tired when you are bored, even though you think you've gotten a good nights sleep the night before.

The doctor told me it was too early to tell. He suggested I pay close attention to my feelings and my sleep the next few days, and to look out for symptoms like daytime headaches, and waking up during the night for no reason. Then he can figure out an appropriate treatment. - 31820

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