Do Both Blood Pressure Numbers Matter?

By Chrisitan Goodman

As a former high blood pressure sufferer, I understand why this is such a cause for concern. Worrying if one might have it, worry if one does have it, worry that if one doesn't have it, might they get it later?

As a quick review, a reading of 140/90 is normally considered high. 120/80 to 139/89 is considered pre-hypertensive. The systolic pressure is the top number.

How are these numbers relevant? The older we get, the more likely high blood pressure tends to be. Two thirds of those aged 65+ are estimated to have hypertension. It is believed that the increase in high blood pressure may actually start at closer to age 50.

If not treated, hypertension can continue to put strain on the heart which can then increase the chances of heart attacks or strokes.

Other organs can be affected as well such as the kidneys.

The systolic reading measures the force of the blood as the heart beats. The diastolic measures the force of blood as the heart "rests." The diastolic reading does not have to be high for high blood pressure to exist. If the systolic reading is the only high reading, then isolated systolic high blood pressure may exist.

Since the diastolic pressure actually decreases as we age, the systolic pressure has particular importance. Note however, that both measurements are important to properly diagnose the presence of high blood pressure.

A medical professional should diagnose whether or not high blood pressure exists.

Bear in mind that you may not necessarily feel "bad" yet still have high blood pressure. That is how it gets its nickname, the "silent killer." If left unchecked, some people are unaware that blood pressure was even an issue until they are faced with serious health problems including stroke or heart attack.

The possibility of medication being prescribed does deter some people from having their blood pressure professionally checked. Actually, it is the side effects of the medication that can be a deterent. This is important to discuss with your physician.

Expressing this concern does not necessarily mean that medication still will not be prescribed or recommended. This is a key complaint regarding most Western doctors.

However, some doctors are worried that the patient may not make certain life changes (such as avoiding alcohol, discontinue smoking, follow exercise and breathing programs.) Therefore, drugs tend to be the only solution.

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